Testimonials from students

Testimonials from students

Melissa Edge, Certificate in Business Admin

“The tutors were brilliant and helpful – they always got me on the right track! I loved the fact that it was online and that I was able to juggle the kids and life with study. There was so much that I learned. I particularly enjoyed the links to websites that helped with our own research and provided excellent supplementary details.”

Loren Mohai, Certificate in Child Psychology

“This course went beyond meeting my expectations. It was clear and easy to follow. The assignments were good and really made me think. This helped me understand and learn a lot more. Good choice in courses, looks professional and good information about each course on the website. Everything is there that I needed to know and there were no surprises.”

Bronwyn Brown, Certificate in Aged Care & Counselling

“I was working with the elderly before I took this course and I can say now that I look back that I have definitely learned a lot of new things that helped me with my work.”

Marvic Alido, Certificate in Bookkeeping

“I truly enjoyed the course in terms of the management of its modules. The materials are clear and easily understood. Being able to access the smart payroll system is very helpful and definitely
boosted my confidence. The tutors are so in touch and very encouraging. I am so looking forward to starting Xero next. I am pretty sure that will be exciting.”

Belinda Warren, Introduction to Pet Care

“So easy to study at home! Learn at your own pace and tutors always at hand if you need some help! Courses are well priced.”

Danielle Couchman, Certificate in Dog Psychology & Training

“I found the course content good and it was easy to follow. I would rate my overall experience a 5 out of 5. I’m happy with my outcome and was stoked to have been able to do a course online to do with animals, especially dogs.”

Kylie-Anne O’Dell, Diploma in Child and Youth Counselling

“I have just started my course and am enjoying that it gets my mind working and I am learning new stuff!”

Linda Liddicoat, Diploma in Child and Youth Counselling

★★★★★ “Career Academy gave me the essential, practical information without wasting my time with with irrelevant content. As well, the enrolment process was easy and convenient – I started straight away and with the interest-free payment option of just $25 a week. It took a couple of weeks to discipline myself to put the time in but assignment feedback was very fast and any questions I had along the way were answered within the day. Check them out – there are lots of courses to choose from. I am very glad I did.”