Certificate in Medical Terminology

Understand medical terminology and get a certificate in only 10 weeks!

This course is designed for people with no or limited medical training, who would like to work in a medical environment. You’ll develop the skills needed to communicate clearly and effectively using medical terminology.

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41 reviews for Certificate in Medical Terminology

  1. Magdi Grobler

    Fits in with my work schedule. This course needs a serious look at. I would say I had to google 90% of this to get answers because they were not in the course material. I was lucky enough to have help from nurses, doctors and radiographers (who all had WTF moments with what we were expected to answer and the lack of information provided) but I can’t imagine how someone does this with out that help. This really needs to be a priority for management because in all honesty it was rediculous.

  2. Gina Daly

    I really liked the way the different subject units were easy to follow and that each section had a test to check your understanding of the content you were after studying. I wouldn’t change anything.

  3. Hetal Mistry

    get through the course at my own pace.

  4. Amanda Fowler

    Easy and can do it when I wanted Hannah is a fantastic tutor and very supportive

  5. Marie Shepherd

    They offered the course I was looking for and were very helpful when I had questions about the course and enrolling. I would have loved to have known my end result/grade. The certificate I received just said "passed" and I had put so much into my work and got mainly pass with distinctions and 100% grades in my tests. I would have loved my certificate to have reflected that. I really enjoyed the course. I learnt a lot. A lot of the information I needed to research for myself rather than it being included on the course notes, but I enjoyed it very much.

  6. Sherilee Wilkinson

    Can stay at home, work alittle and look after new puppy. I get a lot of migranes so studying at home was eaiser. In my own time.
    Extremely thankful for this. I am going to make my own file of medical terminology even though I have my old nursing dictionary to follow, but I find now that it would be extremely useful to have a list of prefixes, suffixes and root words to refer too, which is provided somewhat thru all units. But I found I had to keep refreshing my brain as to what, especially when inventing or making up new words…that is where I knew some but felt I needed to know the makeup of the word and meaning…just to implant that in my failing brain.
    It was good to do extra research to complete assignments but would be useful to have some suggested websites for some units maybe.
    Definitely racked my brain since I have not done nursing for 20 years.
    I found the terminology much more intensive that what I remember in Nursing training so that was excellent I found.

  7. Carly Heather

    I chose to study with the career academy because The ability to complete the whole course online in my time frame. it was different to what I expected from a medical terminology course. I enjoyed the course but it was not what I anticipated. Hannah however was super helpful and very quick in her response times which was greatly appreciated.

  8. Andrea Dunbar

    I was looking at medical receptionist training on the internet and the career academy came up, otherwise I would never have known this training institute existed.

  9. Claire Elaine Muir

    they offered the course that l was wanting to take. l have thoroughly enjoyed completing the two courses (medical reception and medical terminology). It has given me confidence to enroll and be accepted in full time study until the end of the year. Thank you to my course assessor (Hannah Guy) for the ever encouraging comments returned with each assessment and for the prompt reply to any help requests that l posted.

  10. Yvonne Richardson

    i am at an crossroads of needing to stay working but unable to carry on the physical nature of the job i am currently in so looking at gaining new skills , but still work in the health field no but would be glad to have had more information about navigating the moodle platform you use. the tutors were very encouraging and very prompt with return of assignments. With the medical terminology course , i think to have more about operation terminology and letters written by doctors so if you are writing the letters that gives you more understanding of what you are writing.
    The reception course would be good to have more indepth knowledge of medtech and computer systems as i am an older person trying to catch up with technology.

  11. Yvonne Richardson

    The Career Academy is a relaxed atmosphere, flexible payment options and great staff

  12. Yvonne Richardson

    The Career Academy is a relaxed atmosphere, flexible payment options and great staff

  13. Karen Hann

    The Career Academy is the only online course available I'd like to thank the tutors for their support and help through the course

  14. Karen Hann

    The Career Academy is the only online course available I'd like to thank the tutors for their support and help through the course

  15. Kushla Proffitt

    The Career Academy is the only online course available I'd like to thank the tutors for their support and help through the course

  16. Karen Hann

    The career academy enabled me to study at my own pace.They offered a payment plan that makes it manageable to achieve the goals that you want.

  17. Jake Simmonds

    Hi, if a tick is shown next to a task does it mean the task is completed?

  18. Joanne Smith

    They offered a course that I thought would be beneficial to my future career prospects.

  19. Angela Ross

    The Career Academy had the course that I was looking for, also I am able to do the course any time I want to. The Career Academy has an excellent range of courses available.I found the course great to do and made me think about what I was answering.

  20. Angela Ross

    The Career Academy had the course that I was looking for, also I am able to do the course any time I want to. The Career Academy has an excellent range of courses available.I found the course great to do and made me think about what I was answering.

  21. Sarah Strachan

    This was the only course I could find that would work in with my current work requirements and would allow me to gather some information so that I was informed to make a career change.

  22. Sonia Janse van Rensburg

    I got more knowledge of what I want to know and learn. I really enjoyed learning and getting information.

  23. Kavida Prasad

    My tutor Angela Mcgaw is very helpful. She is very encouraging, I like it very much , its giving me confidence that i cant do this course. Thank you.

  24. Eden Waters

    I have a 3 year old son, and work so it was good to be able to have something that fit around my daily schedule.

  25. Marie Shepherd

    I haven’t spoken with my tutor yet, I send a message yesterday and am just waiting for a reply. I am having some difficulty navigating around the course on Moodle, but I am sure I will get used to it soon.

  26. Anita Moore

    I was just looking at different options and a tutor actually called me and discussed the outline of the course and made it easy for me to move forward with studying. Thank you Angela McGaw. You helped me so much.

  27. Jacqueline Lelievre

    Online study is my only option with my schedule. I didn’t actually have any interaction with the tutors in relation to this course, but I enjoyed the course and have learned a lot.

  28. Averill Kidd-Robb

    I choose to Study with The Career Academy as it fitted well into my usual routine.

    I am a full time receptionist Monday to Friday so being able to study in my own time and doing work when I can at home worked really well.

    I will definitely recommend this course to others.

    I thought all the questions were explained well.

    I thought that not all the questions were necessary for most reception roles but I was happy to learn something new for the possible future roles that may be out there and also just for my knowledge.

    But overall, the questions were great and if something wasn’t clear then you always had assistance near you.

  29. Sonia Sharma

    Keep following the standard you’re using currently, you guys are already doing the best. The tutors and all staff are so helpful to achieve good results. I found that this is the only college online to provide short term courses to follow your career ahead. I found it the best. I would like to say thanks to my all tutors and staff members.

  30. Samina Mohammed

    From my point of view the course that I choose was very a clear, understandable and interesting course that I liked and was able to complete in my own time. I don’t think there is anything that could be improved. I heard good things about career academy from my friends so I decided to enroll myself and study about medical reception which was my future goal. And now I have completed this course with the help of the tutor. Career Academy is really a great company and the tutors are very helpful. I will recommend people to use Career Academy to further their career. All I want to say that I have fulfill my goal and now I am awaiting to receive certificate for medical reception so that I could apply jobs according to this field. Thank you so very much to the Career Academy and the tutors for all your support. You have made me achieve my goal. Thank you once again.

  31. Ashley Jade Field

    The only thing I struggled with at times were trying to understand what some of the assessment questions needed me to do, however, I would email my tutor and she was always great at explaining them and giving me the info i needed to be able to complete my assessment. I fell extremely sick at the beginning of this year where I was mostly bedridden and had to leave my job, so I wanted to make the most of having to have the time off so career academy was amazing for me as I have been able to study from home while recovering from my illness and when I do go back to work I will now be able to further my career.

  32. Jericha Gerrard

    It catered to my needs and allowed me to work full time and pay my fees interest free 🙂

  33. Charlene Tamatoa

    I was able to do the course in my own time and help was available when needed.
    It fit into my schedule of work and kids..
    This is a really good way to acheive qualifications and to further our knowledge.

  34. Lena O’Brien

    I am thoroughly enjoying the course, I love learning new skills and challenges it keeps my confidence in communication and writing.
    I cannot find anything to be improved so far, I always get a fast response from tutors when I sent any requests. Tutors are very helpful and explained things clear and concise.

    Thank you

  35. Alex Sherie

    All over a very enjoyable course. Payment options were a plus.
    Replying to queries could have been quicker.

  36. Thomas Notton

    I liked this course because it fits in with my busy schedule and I have the convenience of studying in my own time.

  37. Shauna Mills

    This was the best option for me.

  38. Diniita Jacobsen

    Was a good course.

  39. Lily Mcdonald

    I liked both the medical reception and terminology courses to upskill myself and pore-ready myself for university studies. Great to learn new things I didn’t know.

  40. Helen Campbell

    I googled online learning specifically for the medical reception course and Careers Academy came up. Nothing comes to mind that could be improved on their service.

  41. Sobin Mourn

    I work everyday and have 3 kids to take care off. I wanted to improve my studies in this medical field, and you allowed me to study and do my assignments in my own time. That is what I really love the most. Is I can qualification while working and having a family. I enjoyed this course and now I’m ready for my 2nd course medical reception. Some topics weren’t explained clearly but from the help of the tutors they explained it clearer than the task given.

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Key benefits

  • Understand medical terminology and abbreviations
  • Gain a professional certificate recognised by employers
  • Work with an experienced tutor and other students to successfully complete your course
  • Increase your chances of a new job or promotion
  • Get your foot through the door as a medical professional!

This course is designed for

  • Seeking a position as a receptionist in a medical facility
  • Currently working as a medical receptionist, who want to become certified
  • Want to explore a popular career in nursing, medical records or medical transcription

Accredited by ICOES

Become a qualified Medical Receptionist, Start studying online today!ICOES, the International Council for Online Educational Standards guarantees you a high standard of content with measurable outcomes from a reputable training organisation. ICOES is the accrediting body that establishes, monitors and continually develops the educational standards of online teaching institutions.

This course is endorsed by TQUK

Course summary

Investment: £399 + VAT or only £25 per week with our interest free payment plan. Click here to enrol now


Assessment: Assignments, quizzes


Duration: Approximately 100 hours, to be completed within six months. Generally students complete one module per week, with each module taking around 10 hours.


Access Time: You will have access to this course for up to 6 months before you complete.


Delivery: Online with tutor support via email or phone.


Certification and accreditation: Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of achievement.

Medical Terminology covers the following modules

ADMG141 – Scope and Nature of Medical Terminology
ADMG101 – Anatomical Terms and Structures
ADMG123 – Medical Equipment and Procedures
ADMG131 – Pharmacological Terminology
ADMG124 – Musculoskeletal System
ADMG103 – Cardiovascular, Lymphatic and Immune System
ADMG137 – Respiratory and Reproductive Systems
ADMG111 – Digestive and Excretory Systems
ADMG119 – The Skin
ADMG126 – Nervous and Sensory Systems
ADMG158 – Certificate in Medical Terminology Assessment

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