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367 reviews for ADMU1015 – Certificate in Business Administration

  1. Kahurangi Salu

    Maybe add more stuff on the development and psychology aspect of the study rather than the nutrition. I know nutrition is important but knowing how and why children are developin gthe way they do is also beneficial. i choose to study with The Career Academy because I heard good things about the course and it was a good way for me to do the course as well as work. I learnt alot from this course and will be applied to my future work with the kids. Can I get my certificate emailed to me as I will not be able to attend the Ceremony.

  2. Stacy Washintong

    Im finding the course interesting but im forever fustrated that it takes a long time for the assignments to be marked and the moodle portal is always playing up, therefore it hinders my study capabilities.

  3. Su Jie

    just started the course

  4. Tyla-Anne Rainbow


  5. Linda Pepita Thompson

    It was a great experience studying online with The Career Academy. One of the best parts was the time allowed to complete all assignments. I could study at my own pace without short deadlines.

  6. Parai Sweden Parai

    I was very helpful to receive support throughout the course and would recommend it to anything who is interested in studying online

  7. Vanessa Lovell

    Very good- I just don’t have enoughhours in a day

  8. Cassie-lee Evans

    I have studied in the NZ career academy and the Australian career academy and so far the NZ one has proven to be better due to more reliability to get assessments back and quickly but other than that no real complaints.

  9. Dorothy Mariner-Falefata

    The ability to do this at my own pace, when ever, where ever. I thoroughly enjoyed the content of my studies, and having to research, the tutors were great andgave awesome feedback which was very encouraging. nothing comes to mind in regards to change my experiencience with TCA.

  10. Cecily Bayly

    Enjoying it

  11. Michael Lillis

    Hi, I have gone past the 6 month time limit to complete the course I have been off work for a long period of time due to illness, am I able to have an extension and what do I need to do.

  12. Christine Kerkhof

    Very easy to understand, the tutors are friendly and helpful

  13. Samantha Newell

    I have found the content interesting and the tutors feedback very helpful

  14. Kate Jellyman

    I thought the course was good, except the MYOB assessment. I found that one quite a lot harder than the others and when I emailed for help I got no reply. I chose to study at TCA because it was online and I could do it in my own time. Overall I thought the course was pretty good

  15. Mariana Jackson

    Learning how to use Xero and MYOB – it gave me a lot of experience, which I know employers are looking for. Also, I enjoyed learning at my own pace, which is good for me as I have a busy schedule with music and writing and other stuff at home.

  16. Chelsea Beech

    I was able to manage my time to study and work full time, so this course was perfect to be able to do that. And there was also plenty f time given to complete the course.

  17. Tracey Marie Quirke

    My best part of studying online with The Career Academy was that it enable me to further my skills in all areas of Business Administration. And it challenge me in many areas such as, MYOB payroll and Managing accounts Payable and Receivable and I gained a greater understanding about all the Topic in the course outline. Some of the questions took me a while to make understanding, however with the support and feedback from the tutors, I got a greater understanding which enable me to carry on and complete each assignment with confidence. Please say thank you to all the tutors, they have done a top job at supporting me through this course. Kind Regards,Tracey Quirke.

  18. Melanie Kuschke

    Chose to study at TCA because it was an approved supplier from my employer.

  19. Catherine Cowan

    Unfortuntely nothing, to many times I was unable to get online and when I did it wasn’t very seamless and alot of back and forward to work through course. Also half way through completing an assessment just before I went to submit found that the assesment had changed so then had to redo which is wrong, changes like this should be notified or a least a cut off point issued and students advised.

    You had no idea if the sytem would be down, or assessments would change half way through, made it difficult to plan study with while working

  20. Josephine Ramos

    I was able to manage my own time aside of working full time though a bit challenging but it gave me more confidence to upgrade my skills.

  21. Wendy Duff

    Really good – enjoyed the course

  22. Kim Hall

    MYOB was hard to follow, would be good to have more visual learning here I choose to study with the career academy because Internationaly recognised

  23. Kelly Edwards

    The courses were cost effective, the information relevant and the payment plans affordable The course was great, easy to follow and the tutors were helpful and responded very quickly to questions.

  24. Nadine Baker

    I chose to study with The Career Academy because there were a lot of positive reviews for the course and the modules seem relevant to progressing into an Administration role. It was also affordable compared to some other online courses. I think certain modules of the course would benefit by having more examples and instructional videos to understand methods more easily. I think this was particularly needed for Accounting with Xero (this was fixed later on). I think this was also true for Budgeting and Forecasting as well as Cash Flow Management. Ive really enjoyed this course

  25. Monica Hura

    Career academy had the pathway program available for study. This allowed me to start from the beginning and reach the end without having to do 3 different courses. Its really good. I just want to thank ALL the tutors for helping me through this course and also for giving me inspirational feedback that you would definitely need when getting back into study, so thank you to each and all. I think all aspects of the course is really well presented and that the course was easy to follow and understand

  26. Valerie Murray

    Just through my own research it looked like it covered more of the basics I wanted to learn. I would have no hesitation in leaning again through the Career Academy I have absolutely loved learning through this course. The only problem i found was some of the hard material did not match the online material which was annoying. So if the course material changes then those people who signed up before this change should be sent the new course material automatically.

  27. Tamsen Ahipene-Donaldson

    I chose the career academy because of the payment plan. i thoroughly enjoyed the entire course.

  28. Taylor Drake

    I liked that it seemed like a straight forward course that I could complete within a good time frame. Tracey was an awesome tutor to work with as she didn't mind taking the time out of her day to help with one of my assignments I kept having trouble with The rate at which the assignments were marked, this is only because it took more then 2good hours on some of my submissions to get feedback. However, I understand that there are other students within this course that also need assignments marked.

  29. Susan Ellmers

    Instructions need to be improved.

  30. Susan Ellmers

    Just that the tutuors say really encouraging things in their feedback which helps to make me feel motivated and successful so thank you. I hope that I am able to get the same stunning results with the rest of the diploma courses,

  31. Asma

    The course is good and I got the awesome help from most of my tutors.

  32. Jess

    I’ve just started, but I’m finding The course to be very thorough

  33. Leah

    I like this course and i feel that it will be extremely helpful.
    The tutors are excellent because the feedback they give is good and very helpful.

  34. Serena

    I found the course self-explanatory. The feedback from the tutors was really easy to follow and their response time was very quick!

  35. Asma

    The course is good and I got the awesome help from most of my tutors.

  36. Jess

    I’ve just started, but I’m finding The course to be very thorough

  37. Leah

    I like this course and i feel that it will be extremely helpful.
    The tutors are excellent because the feedback they give is good and very helpful.

  38. Serena

    I found the course self-explanatory. The feedback from the tutors was really easy to follow and their response time was very quick!

  39. Susan Ellmers

    Just that the tutuors say really encouraging things in their feedback which helps to make me feel motivated and successful so thank you. I hope that I am able to get the same stunning results with the rest of the diploma courses,

  40. Asma

    The course is good and I got the awesome help from most of my tutors.

  41. Jess

    I’ve just started, but I’m finding The course to be very thorough

  42. Leah

    I like this course and i feel that it will be extremely helpful.
    The tutors are excellent because the feedback they give is good and very helpful.

  43. Serena

    I found the course self-explanatory. The feedback from the tutors was really easy to follow and their response time was very quick!

  44. Waimarie Crombie

    I liked the idea of the course and it being a stepping stone into getting me into the line of work I wish to be in

  45. Anna Buchanan

    Because they did it online I liked that about the course. I think that most of the questions were clear.

  46. Emily Kirkman

    good experience

  47. Carrie Robinson

    limited available Grooming courses and I needed to start with something online which would allow me to progress in my own time I felt like it would have been a vast improvement if the use of video had been considered. There was 1x 5 min video at the start and it would have been useful to have some visual accompaniment through out.
    Secondly I felt that the reading references for each lesson were missing. It would have been useful to have one or two examples of the kinds of books references and journals available which may have backed up the course content. Just missing the practical experience which is unavailable unless one can travel and stay in Auckland for 4 weeks . Unfortunately as a single parent this is out of my depths. Wouldnt it be great if limited practical sessions could be offered in other places in the country for those unavailable to travel for long durations

  48. Rochelle Hammond

    The tutors are very supportive. I love that the course is all in your own time, no rush even once you have started an assignment.
    I have the printed notes, it would be great if these could include a template for each of the assignment, so we can make notes as we go.

  49. Sage Walker

    I chose to study with The Career Academy because you could study online and it offered a course i was interested in.

  50. Erika MacGregor

    Great course and the tutors were always so lovely and helpful. Will definitely recommend 🙂

  51. Pepe Tamapeau

    It was straightforward and easy to understand. It fits in to my routine at home with the kids, it’s given me an opportunity to do studies at my own pace and in my own time. Tutors were very helpful, I’ve only asked for help once, i immediately got a response back. I have already chosen to do Certificate in Business Administration. So i am happy and knew that I would continue on studying from home and to make most of the time that I have.

  52. Shanelle Richards

    Very well presented, clear instructions. Content is okay, I hoped it would be of a higher level, some of the modules about excel, word etc, are very easy, but it’s fine and some of it is helpful. The tutor gives awesome feedback on assessments.

  53. Anjie Cronjie

    online and can do it from home There were some content that was outdated which was frustrating. Keep it up to date

  54. Anjie Cronjie

    online and can do it from home There were some content that was outdated which was frustrating. Keep it up to date

  55. Tamsen Ahipene-Donaldson

    I have only just begun but I’m so enthusiastic and excited and it’s been a really smooth experience so far.

  56. Michelle Casey

    Tutors give excellent and helpful feedback on my assessments so far. The customer service help desk is great when they ring you personally and help you navigate the website/moodle etc. I think the online help on the website is a little slow at responding but thats ok though. I’ve only been on this course for a couple of weeks and already had a job interview. I strongly believe The Career Academy team has helped me so much with my career path and CV and I have learned so much. Excited to learn more.

  57. Hannah Preston

    My mum found the website for me and it sounded like exactly what I wanted. Loved some of the videos they did a great job explaining! Learnt lots of useful things. Thanks!

  58. Wanida Hannan

    Because it’s easy to study anywhere, anytime and I can set my own target to success. My aim to study online is to improve my skills and prepare to get back to work again after take a long break. The course is very helpful to me to brush up my administration skills.

  59. Hannah Carmichael

    Because it was a very affordable course and it sounded like I would learn a lot.

  60. Sonya Hoffman

    tutors are great, with quick responses, great advice and feedback. I found navigating the moodle page awkward having to scroll the whole page to find a particular module. Would prefer individual subpages for each module and all study info on one page rather than click through screens.

  61. Eleisha Ferris

    Great at giving needed feedback and marks each assessment fairly.

  62. Alicia Parkinson

    I chose to study this course because I had heard great things about it from friends.

  63. Brianna Smith

    Great course with plenty of interesting information!

  64. Kaela Storm

    Very prompt responses to my questions and helpful tutors explained things in a different way if I didn’t understand.

  65. Cassia

    Feedback is given quickly (within at least 2 days after submitting assignment)

  66. Karakia Kruger

    Haven’t started my diploma but I loved doing the certificate, the information was straightforward & super helpful for my job.

  67. Wayne Willis

    The course is very well laid out and has many video tutorials which are very handy.

  68. Lucy Fairburn

    It started with things i was familiar with then gradually went on to more complicated matters.

  69. Kathleen Te Oka-Cox

    The course is really enjoyable and I’m not finding it difficult at all.

  70. Tule Lucy Aiono

    I was able to study in my own time and at home. They provided a lot of information to help me through.

  71. Emily Baxter

    The team at the career academy is really helpful and the course is well-planned.

  72. Christine Coppin

    Modules so far are very clearly explained. Assignments fit well with learning. Great mixture of reading/video.

  73. Asma Mat Aripin

    The course is good and I got the awesome help from most of my tutors.

  74. Jess Blackburn

    I’ve only completed the first topic. So far i’m finding the course very easy to follow and complete assessment

  75. Tegan Bryson

    As I have been away taking care of my grandfather, I have been unable to do a lot on this course. However, having just recently returned to the country, I spoke to a lady who has added an extension for me and was very VERY polite. I cannot remember her name, but she was very lovely, and I just wanted to say thank you, and to bring her to your attention.Thank you very much for being so understanding.

  76. Serena Hasemore

    I found the course self-explanatory. The feedback from the tutors was really easy to follow and their response time was very quick!

  77. Leah Rountree

    I like this course and i feel that it will be extremely helpful.The tutors are excellent because the feedback they give is good and very helpful.

  78. Tatyana-Rose Loye

    They offered great support and weekly payment options.

  79. Larissa Ansorge

    I wanted to study online as I work full time and didn’t want to take any time off working to study and the Career Academy looked like the best choice after I had researched my options!

  80. Lyn Parker

    After not having studied for many years I found it a pleasure to work through this course and I found the tutors very encouraging. I would definitely consider doing further study.

  81. Martina Bill

    Excellent! very good feedback:)

  82. Katie McInnes

    Very good course, easy to use website. Awesome tutors – good communication!

  83. Janie Martin

    They are very helpful and the course was very challenging but very awesome.

  84. Kayla Collins

    I chose to study this way because it suits my lifestyle best, and means i can work it around my current commitments as well as the affordable payment plan.

  85. Cassia Boakes

    They are great! Always quick for feedback and encouraging me to do more on the course 🙂

  86. Cassia Boakes

    They are great! Always quick for feedback and encouraging me to do more on the course 🙂

  87. Jayde Senior

    The layout of the course is very easy to understand and to get your head around. Love the way that it is spread out and organised!
    However some of the activities within the course may need a bit more explanation as they are quite vague! But that is about the only improvement i can think of – everything is very well set out!
    The tutors are AWESOME!!! If you send in a question or concern and they are back within a day with a reply, i really appreciate that they get back very promptly! Awesome course thanks!!

  88. Leigh Eastwood

    So far the tutors have been great, they give great feedback and help with any inquiry. Today I even got a courtesy call from the Academy just to make sure the course was going well for me and if I had any questions or concern.Great!! The course so far is going extremely well and enjoying myself a lot. Thanks so much Career Academy I definitely know I have made the right choice to study with you guys 🙂

  89. Maya Bill

    Awesome, they are so helpful and all give great feedback ? I definitely recommend this course to others.

  90. Kim Hatton

    Help was available when i needed it, The learning objectives for each topic were identified and i will be able to apply the knowledge i have learnt

  91. Kim Hatton

    Help was available when i needed it, The learning objectives for each topic were identified and i will be able to apply the knowledge i have learnt

  92. Serena Hasemore

    I chose The Career Academy because it was an online course and I could work through the course in my own time.

  93. Talia Bill

    They are great and give awesome feedback:) The course is very helpful and will definitely benefit me in the future!

  94. Margaret John

    I could work and study in my own time. I would recommend The Career Academy to anyone else in my situation.

  95. Rebecca Johnson

    The course is great and the tutors are helpful, I am finding the last few topics of the business administration course quite challenging as I have had no experience in this field at all but the tutors are helping me get through it (very slowly haha)

    I have found some of the course content to be confusing, especially with the assessment in topic 8, as necessary information relating to the assessment was provided in the link where you submit your assessment, not on the actual assessment itself and I spent a few days lost and confused a I was missing the crucial information because I did not think to look in this submission link, I think it should have been provided with the assessment.

    But with all the obstacles I have encountered with this course, the tutors have been extremely patient with me and my silly questions and I do appreciate the advice they give 🙂

  96. Deelah Nathan

    Awesome, great help!

  97. Jessica Rota

    I have only just started the course but it seems good at the moment. My first couple of assignments were easy-ish and can’t wait to get onto the rest.

  98. Melanie Carey

    the tutors are helpful and give useful hints / notes when grading assessments

  99. Louise Thomson

    Have heard the tutors are very helpful! And yes, that was true! Couldn’t have asked for any better 🙂

  100. Melanie Kuschke

    The tutors were really prompt in their replies and I liked that I was able to do the course in my own time! I have recommended The Career Academy to others.

  101. Philippa Archibald

    I was looking for a qualification in business administration that I could study by distance learning and came across the Career Academy online. When I called for more information I spoke to a student advisor who was very knowledgeable and helpful and based on her advice I thought the Career Academy would be a good choice.

  102. Tinelle Langdon

    The tutors always answered my questions very quickly. It was great to do a course in your own time and via correspondence.

  103. Angie Seaton – Snowdon

    The Tutors were lovely and extremely helpful.

  104. Sherie Hill

    Awesome tutors very friendly and helpful, course is great and covering everything I wanted.

  105. Jade Cameron

    I found the course itself straightforward to follow.

  106. Theresa Murphy

    I liked that the course was online and it was easy to follow.

  107. Vicki McDonald

    The course is easy to follow and because I have not studied for a while it is great because it really makes you think. It was great way for me to get to back into study after having not studied for twenty years – I used to be an Office Manager in Australia managing 150 people and I feel as though The Career Academy will help me get back to that place.

  108. Shelley Pishief

    The tutors were great, they would always call me back and talk things over with in regards to the course. I liked the convenience of the course and that you could do it at your own pace and place! I really came away with the things I needed.

  109. Melissa Edge

    The tutors were brilliant and helpful – they always got me on the right track! I loved the fact that it was online and that I was able to juggle the kids and life with study. There was so much that I learned. I particularly enjoyed the links to websites that helped with our own research and provided excellent supplementary details.

  110. Piriha Moore

    I chose to study with the Career Academy because:
    – Online study is convenient
    – Good Reviews
    – Referral by a friend
    – Help is given by tutors

  111. Megan Crous

    I really found the Xero course very easy to follow and understand. I do use Xero on a daily basis so am familiar with the workings of the programme. I have always liked it so that is a bonus. Thanks for solidifying my knowledge.

  112. Anita Henderson

    I liked that you were able to do the course in your own time. It would have been nice to have clearer wording in the emails sent to me via tutors.

  113. Kyla Johnson

    I have really enjoyed it and the tutors are a great help with their feedback.

  114. Kristy Murray

    The course content was well presented and easy to understand. There was no surprise fees for information needed in the course.

    The tutors were approachable and easy to contact. I regularly recommend Career Academy.

  115. Aleisha Colville

    Affordable, easy to communicate with long distance

  116. Melanie Hannah

    it was quick and easy to apply

  117. Sahur Fernando

    The course was very helpful!

  118. Hana Akarana

    So far I’m really enjoying the course, being able to make the weekly payments has made things a lot easier for me and my family. I have had a quick and helpful response to a question I had asked the tutors and I’m excited to continue my studies with the Career Academy.

  119. Hannah Karn

    Im enjoying the course and i haven’t had any advice from tutors yet as the work is pretty straight forward. And i would rate it a 5 our of 5

  120. Amily Faleafaga

    I found the course content useful throughout my assignments although could do more with more specific examples.

    The tutors were helpful and responded in good time – marking styles are hard to understand sometimes.

  121. Tania Abercrombie

    I think that this course is very helpful because it allows me to be prepared for when I enter the workforce. I also think that the tutors are excellent as they encourage you to do better when you do something incorrect. They do not push you down and make you feel bad about yourself when you have to repeat an answer.

  122. Shwetha Gowdru Kallappa

    I found the tutors helpful and was very happy with the resources they provided me.

    The course itself was easy to complete because there was no time limit or pressure!

  123. Ashleigh Whittington

    Tutors are excellent, you ask them something they would get back to you as soon as possible. Course is easy to follow most of the time, if I’ve had any worries tutors are right there to help.

  124. Louise Thomson

    THEY ARE AMAZING! i am a crazy person who doesn’t think before i speak, and they sure know how to handle all my silly questions, they are all so helpful xxx

  125. Christina Pukerua

    I love doing this online course it gave me confident and a Boost to be able to do this online study, especially not being to do anything as I was bed- ridden due to surgery on my knee. Now half way into healing and studying I’m so happy I’m able study when and where ever I can and give me more time do other activities. I’ve also learnt a lot from this course subject as I have not learnt worked with it before. It was something i wanted to learn and now I can say that I absorbed and basically tried something different which is good for me to know how it all works especially going back into the work force again. thanks heaps to the tutors and i’m glad i can say this has helped me a lot. There’s so much more i want to learn and would like to continue to do some of these topic i find very interesting and hopefully I can take this skills and use it.
    thanks once again for the help and encouragement from tutors.

  126. Kelly Russell

    I think that the course content is easy to understand and complete. I have also found the tutors to be helpful when asked and friendly to deal with

  127. Tahlia Froggatt

    The course is set out easily. The tutors get back to you fast and mark your assignments quickly

  128. Jessica Taylor

    I’m actually really enjoying my course, I have only had a few issues that have been sorted out. The only other issue I think could be improvement, is that I had to do a re-submission of my assignment for Topic 6 just because it wasn’t clear as who my tutor was, and I had sent all my emails for that assessment to a specific person. So maybe make it more clearer as to who we should be sending our work to ( because it says in the assessment to add your “Tutor” as a contact. The only other suggestions I could make is to always make sure you have Tutors that know what they are talking about instead of someone that guides a person to a “help button”.

  129. Zoe Boakes

    this course is good, because it helps to give yourself a better understanding to help in the workplace.
    the Tutors are awesome!! they usually get my work back to me, marked very soon after i have completed that section

  130. Lucy Ellis

    When I googled this kind of course, Career Academy was one of the first distance courses with immediate starts. I intended to send out a few emails to various sites, but Career Academy phoned me back before I had the chance to look any further. The lady on the phone was friendly, knowledgeable, reassuring and don to earth. It couldn’t have been easier to sign up, AND to have a curse that could fit around my life. Thank you to everyone for their friendly support during this course! It was especially nice to get customised & well done from the tutors when you put in extra effort with an assignment 🙂

  131. Mairi Miller

    Previously studied with The Career Academy and like the format and ease of use. Looking forward to doing another course soon.

  132. Rachel Maree May

    Wanted something I could do while working

  133. Rachel Maree May

    Wanted something I could do while working

  134. Katrina Marie Andrews

    I found the tutors were good to deal with
    sometimes had problems getting help on some topics
    but overall good

  135. Shipra Maiti

    I have previous experience with Word and Excel so that was easy for me. The course is going very good. The tutors gave me an answer concerning a question I had about Microsoft Word table content within the same day that I asked them. Excellent class to take!!

  136. Jessica Ling

    So far I’ve been enjoying the course, all the instructions have been clear and the tutors have been very helpful

  137. Dee Lindsay

    I found the course to be very good, and the tutors gave me excellent feedback

  138. Candice Tornquist

    I already have experience in this so I really just needed a certificate. The course was easy and had some helpful information. The tutors give pretty general feedback.

  139. Tamar Prestidge

    I have only just started this course and have found it very helpful. I found the marking very good, how they go through and mark the actual work that I had submitted. I would recommend others to take this course.

  140. Aleisha Maindonald

    Loved this course, a few terms i had to look up to see what they ment but that was due to my own lack of knowledge.

  141. Tara Maree Keen

    when I was looking into something to study The career academy had great options and the lady who helped was amazing and made me feel so excited and at ease about joining.

  142. Tara Maree Keen

    when I was looking into something to study The career academy had great options and the lady who helped was amazing and made me feel so excited and at ease about joining.

  143. Tara Maree Keen

    when I was looking into something to study The career academy had great options and the lady who helped was amazing and made me feel so excited and at ease about joining.

  144. Anna Marie van Blerk

    I’m enjoying it! I grappled with it a bit in the beginning but it’s been going well since then. In the beginning I found it hard because I wasn’t really sure what the tutors were looking for in the assessments, and it took some time to figure out how to navigate the website in terms of how to submit and receive feedback. Other than that it’s all been fine, and the work I’ve done in the course has been very interesting.

  145. Carrie Robinson

    No hassle – do it on my own time

  146. Rochelle Dunn

    Career Academy provided learning around my everyday life possible, I'm very grateful and thankful for this opportunity.

  147. Carrie Robinson

    No hassle – do it on my own time

  148. Rochelle Dunn

    Career Academy provided learning around my everyday life possible, I'm very grateful and thankful for this opportunity.

  149. Carrie Robinson

    No hassle – do it on my own time

  150. Rochelle Dunn

    Career Academy provided learning around my everyday life possible, I'm very grateful and thankful for this opportunity.

  151. Carrie Robinson

    No hassle – do it on my own time

  152. Rochelle Dunn

    Career Academy provided learning around my everyday life possible, I'm very grateful and thankful for this opportunity.

  153. Angela Van Zyl

    I thought this course was really good. I found the information interesting and the tutors were quite good. The only issue I had with the course was that sometimes the exercises I was doing in the course didn’t correspond to the software that’s actually available online. Other than that I enjoyed it.

  154. Pinky Pagatpat

    I thought this course would be a good thing to try, and it was indeed. I had a little trouble with some of the software (smart payroll, MYOB, Xero, etc.). I wish it was a little easier to follow, but overall it’s been great and the tutors are helpful.

  155. Tamara Prestidge

    This helped me with learning what I needed to know to carry out a role in admin and be efficient. I found it very helpful.

  156. Renata Mascull

    The tutors mark my work quickly, which is good. Some of the courses are hard, some easy. The excel one does not include all the instructions on the instruction sheet.

  157. Kim Whyte

    A fantastic course with great tutors. Very easy to follow and understand.

  158. Hitty Puri

    Excellent course with a good mix of easy and difficult material.

  159. Shelbee Pointon

    I have only just started but I think its very easy to navigate & that the assignments come back to me in a nice amount of time.

  160. Claire Tanira

    It’s definitely interesting (and a little bit challenging). I quite enjoy the video side of it, more than the reading aspect of it. The feedback that the tutors have given me has been good. Everything is absolutely fine and I’m enjoying it.

  161. Jardene Ilana Ferguson

    There’s a lot of reading in this course but it’s good. The tutors have been great and give nice little pointers to help me through the course.

  162. Fenella Falconer

    Really enjoying it! The content is actually really interesting and I’ve had no problems with it so far.

  163. Susan Ellmers

    The content is okay; pretty good for the most part.

  164. Kirsty Smith

    It’s been really good. The content is well written and easy to understand, but challenging enough as well. The tutors are great.

  165. Ashleigh Smithson

    Quite an easy course with some useful information. The tutors always answer all of my questions promptly and give helpful info.

  166. Tiffany Smith

    I really enjoyed this course. The content was quite useful and the tutors were great.

  167. Krista White

    Course Content is great, I have worked in Admin Industry for over 10 years and the content that is being taught is something that I haven’t a lot to do with but can also see the relevance and benefit of learning it.
    Tutors are great. Really quick to get back with questions and marking submitted assignments.
    The only thing for me that doesn’t make me give it a 5 rating is that in some of the content on line there is some grammar errors. It stands out for me as particularly with Administration work and what the content has been explaining is important so far is spelling and grammar so I think it should be reflective in the content or work that is being provided for students.
    Apart from that everything has been super easy and I have had no problems at all – cant say enough how great and helpful the tutors are! Fantastic, makes me really confident and excited about finishing the Certificate and going on to the Diploma.

  168. Rujira Sirimart

    The course was enjoyable, just struggle with finding time to do it, but want to pick it up again soon.

  169. Paige Robinson

    I found the work was good, informative and straight forward, everyone was on the same page about the work, and the tutor interaction was good, happy and quick to answer questions.

  170. Sarah Jane Vernall Robertson

    My course is going fine so far.I haven’t done too much yet, and it’s definitely something different, as I haven’t done study on this topic before. The interaction with tutors is good, their critiques and feedback are good.

  171. Sandra Grooby

    I’m just getting started its putting my brain to work . I LOVE IT! It’s testing my abilities to the max .The tutors feed back on my assignments are easy to understand and help me correct my work so I can pass.

  172. Shelley Smith

    It is interesting as it teaches a range of things that is needed to know about a computer and different things it can do. I also enjoy it as it gets harder as the topic number gets higher.

  173. Simone Boakes

    I really like this course. i get my feedback within 2 days usually even though this is a busy time of the year. The only thing that is a bit of a pain is that I can’t figure out how to ask my tutor questions.

  174. Natasha Windust

    Relevant topics to what I plan for the future, broad range of topics covered.

  175. Heike Schoultz

    I loved it and found it very useful. It was very manageable and found as though I had more than enough time. The only thing was maybe more in depth feedback from tutors would of been good.

  176. Hayley Reynolds

    The course and tutors are great so far – it’s exactly what I thought it’d be.

  177. Emma Revill

    The course has been really good so far, it has all the information you need and is very informative overall. The tutors have been pretty helpful and are quick on getting back to me with any questions I have.

  178. Amanda Ripia

    I’ve found the work quite easy and manageable, really easy to understand. The reading side of it all wasn’t too hard, which is good as I’m not the biggest fan of reading! The online set up was easy to read, and so easy to contact tutors in regards to any queries.

  179. Teigan Bill

    Overall I found this course great and will definitely be using what I have learnt in the future.

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  182. Leena Nand

    The course is interesting. Good tutors.

  183. Marion O’Gorman

    I have 2 more assignments to go, I find that as you get further into the course the difficulty starts to pick up a little bit and you need to think more about what you are submitting. But overall it’s a pretty nice course and I would say it’s a 4 out of 5 stars!

  184. Nami Tokue

    I signed up a few weeks ago and actually I haven’t started my study yet, but all my experiences with Sara who called me back and all procedure to get this started was so easy, no trouble. Also the moodle is very easy to follow!!

  185. Haylee Olds

    Everything was really great and it wasn’t that difficult for me which is good.

  186. Danella Patterson

    The parts I’ve done so far are good. The only thing I would suggest is having all the information in one place – for one of my assessments I went through submitting the entire thing without knowing about some of the info, only to find it later in another place, so I ended up having to resubmit it. Other than that it’s been excellent. Nice feedback from the tutors.

  187. Larissa O’Brien

    It’s quite easy once I wrapped my head around everything. I would say that this course is good and I enjoy doing the readings and assignments.

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  189. Deevatri Mala

    It’s enjoyable. I think it’s in the middle between easy and difficult. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

  190. Heidi Lynette Marx

    I have found the course to be very good so far. What I might like to see is a real time online tutor chat room or support, that could be really helpful to students during their studies.

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  192. Rachel Mcglinchey

    I find it all really enjoyable and easy. It’s user friendly and the tutors are available whenever I need them plus they give me feedback very fast.

  193. Piriha Moore

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  194. Schiovan  Mitchell

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  195. Amylee Morgan

    I like the course a lot, I finished 8 assessments and now I’m onto #9. 5 out of 5 stars!

  196. Maureen Stickling

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  198. Cecilia Rohini Lal

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  203. Shanlee Johnston

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  204. Kelly Smith

    Excellent course that was recommended to me by a colleague. Some of the directions in the final task with Payroll had different wording or placement indicated than what was on the actual site used.

  205. Avis Kete

    So far so good, I haven’t had any difficulties. I am learning a lot of new things about the technical and legal side of administration that I wasn’t aware of before.

  206. Ciccone Hunter

    I found the course really good the information is clear and concise I just have to read it all and interpret it for my assignments.

  207. Brooke Hopkins

    The course is fine, though it can be a bit of a challenge for someone who doesn’t have a background in accounting. I sometimes find the marking of assessments to be confusing but overall I find the tutors to be helpful in providing feedback.

  208. Anonymous 

    Tutors were helpful and prompt, course was pretty easy. An excellent course!

  209. Joanna Harlick

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  210. Leilani Hargreaves

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  211. Lizl Geyser

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  212. Louise Futi

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  213. Rachel Ferguson

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  214. Donna Forsman

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  215. Laurette McConnell

    Loving the course, and the tutor Tracey has been very helpful

  216. Wendy Duff

    It’s all going well. The purpose of this course for me is to highlight some areas I need extra training in to go forward in terms of career development. I already knew some of the knowledge early on in the course and so it was easy to do. The things that are coming up in the course are really piquing my interest, because they’re not areas that I practice on a day to day basis. I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

  217. Abigail Dew

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  218. Anonymous 

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  223. Hannah Carmichael

    Course is going really well and am enjoying it. Some parts are difficult but overall finding it manageable. The tutors are really helpful and responsive.

  224. Jessica Taylor

    I really like the course so far and the tutors have been really helpful, it’s just that some of the information that needed to be in the assessment was not in the reading material so I had to use Google to try and help me find the answers.

  225. Romella Balbalosa

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  226. Venkata Kamakshi Avula

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  235. Brooke Hopkins

    I think the workload and modules are set out really well and I have been very impressed with the turn around time for assignments and questions.

  236. Savanah Thomas-Rubie

    i think its an amazing course, i am enjoying it so much and the tutors are so helpful with everything and help me with my problems

  237. Mandy Vavetuki

    I joined mostly because there was no set time frame to complete the course, and also because the course could be completed online in my free time and this was not going to interfere with family committments… Personally I think reminders would be good, especially if you have not logged in for a long period of time. I would get so caught with being a busy mum, that i would often forget that i was signed up for a course, if it wern’t for the promotional emails that i would get form the Career Academy I probably would be requesting an extension.

    Overall I had a good experience completing my course with the Career Academy, and it is highly likely that i would join another couse.

  238. Shipra Maiti

    I am getting confident knowledge of Commercial Administration. Explanation of Course is easy and simple to understand. I did not find any difficult to understand.
    Tutors are very prompt and accurate to respond.

  239. Shipra Maiti

    I am getting confident knowledge of Commercial Administration. Explanation of Course is easy and simple to understand. I did not find any difficult to understand. Tutors are very prompt and accurate to respond.

  240. Pepe Ronnella Lucy Penina Matagia

    I’ve just recently enrolled and had begun studying online and so just so amazed at how easier it is on enabling to choose my hours/days to study , to learn , equip and understand the concepts of business administration.

  241. Danella Patterson

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  242. Tracey James

    I am loving studying through career academy everyone is so helpful and they mark you assigments so quick and give you great feedback and they are so easy to get in contact with and reply fast.

  243. Johanna Badenhorst-Awasthi

    They have generally been really helpful and prompt with their replies when I leave an online question

  244. Dana Manson

    It took a little getting used to with the layout of the website and understanding how the credits worked with the Fundamentals of Accounting incorporated, but I asked a tutor some questions and they helped out so that really helped. It is good to know that there is support available and they are very efficient at replying via email.

  245. Erina Groeneweg

    I chose to be with Career Academy because it had the exact course I was looking for. My decision was made after speaking to a few people from Career Academy as they were very helpful and informative. I had a great experience with them!
    I had a great experience with Career Academy and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a course which is easy and has in depth learning.

  246. Tanielle Bubb

    I love the flexibility in completing the course at my own leisure. The tutors are very helpful and have a lovely friendly positive manner. I am corrected in an encouraging way.

  247. Rebecca Grimshaw

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  248. Deelah Nathan

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  249. Lynette Cundy

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  250. Karene Wilson

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  251. Nikki Coates

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    Very impressed so far , 1/2 way thru

  252. Heidi Marx

    I am currently in the early stages of my course, recently starting on topic 4. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying it and finding it useful. I know I have help from tutors if needed, which I will use full advantage of as my course progresses and gets more intense.

  253. Kirsty Smith

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  254. Caitlyn Campbell

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  256. Katrina Andrews

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  257. Alexandra Tuhi

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  258. Shanlee Johnston

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  259. Hitty Puri

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  260. Rachel Ferguson

    Quick turnaround for marking, good feedback and the course material is easy to understand and follow.

    I am enjoying the course and hoping to do other courses in the future.

  261. Haylee Olds

    I was looking at studying at UCOL before I came across The Career Academy and saw that I could do a payment plan which I much perfer compared to having a student loan. Aswell as being able to work in my own time worked to my advantage being a stay at home mum.
    The tutors were great, very helpful when I needed them and gave great feedback which gave me extra confidence by being reassured that I was doing a good job

  262. Wendy Daniels

    I’m really enjoying the course. I appreciated the friendly support I received when I registered for the course. The website and course content is user-friendly and easy to navigate. My tutor support is amazing. I receive quick feedback for my assessments and emails are responded to promptly.

  263. Rachna Sethi

    It is one of the best Academies…reading the reviews and providing a variety of courses made me choose this academy. The tutors were very helpful especially Tracey who took the time and patience to understand the needs of the students. Great to have excellent teachers like her to answer a query and also provide the support which boosts the confidence of the student. I feel the server was sometimes not working effectively which delayed to finish the work. Maybe a system where the server functions better could be provided. Also if even a few hours were available on the weekend to connect with the tutors would be great as most assignments are done on the weekends as weekdays are busy with work.

  264. Lani Brewer

    Nice and easy to understand and follow.

  265. Heike Schoultz

    Cost competitive, easy to work with, online, no classes to attend, short, yet powerful course. If anything that could be improved, would be the web-portal page. It’s a little bit silly to be dragging the whole page down just to get to the next subject. But other than that, I really enjoyed the course. I’m looking forward to taking this to the next level, and will try and apply for another course next year. Thank you to all the tutors that helped me with the course.
    There are a few areas that I will carry on working on to improve my skills, but overall I’m really happy with your time and dedication to teach me Business Administration.
    Thank you again and Blessings, Heike

  266. Shwetha Gowdru Kallappa

    Great course for beginners.

  267. Leah Phillips

    This allowed me to study around my family. The hard copy notes were very helpful as I did not have to screen jump on my laptop.
    More short tests/assessments would be helpful to before doing the final assessment for each module.

  268. Wendy Templeton

    I thought it was really good. Thank you!

  269. Heike Schoultz

    Lovely! Thank you!

  270. Paige Robinson

    Always heard good things about Career Academy and wanted to better my administration skills. I think some of the instructions are confusing

  271. Adriane Ingham

    Reasonable priced and when I called everyone was helpful. The course was helpful and given me more confidence to return the workforce. The grading system was confusing. My understanding was that if you got a pass it was over 60%??

  272. Haylee Bright

    I thought The Career Academy was a good choice because it fit with my work schedule and the content is available when i wanted it to be.
    It was easy to organise and very accessible. I had a few issues with the templates of the assessments, when being updated to newer versions of Word, they changed quite significantly.
    Also on a couple of the assessments the questions were ambiguous and unclear.

    Overall though the course was great.

  273. Jericha Gerrard

    Awesome fast and easy thank you

  274. Hinehou Tamaki


  275. Heather Stewart

    Good, I’m satisfied’, doesn’t give the tutors and support people enough justice. I started the course last week and have submitted one essay and an email with a query about another essay answer. The submitted essay had a beautiful and encouraging comment with it once graded, as did the email reply I received today. Thank you for making my online study a great experience. I was worried as I am used to a classroom, but you guys are fantastic.

  276. Treacy Harte

    I found that this course gave me the tools I need to apply my knoweldge in the future. I decided on this course to further my career and go in a different direction. The course could be explained a bit better when given use the assessments as it doesn’t really have a clear set of instruction to some of the assignments

  277. Natalie Wark

    I was attracted to The Career Academy because of its easy access online as I live rurally and have young children so was able to work this around them at home. It’s a great course and help was always on hand when needed.

  278. Erin Hodgkinson

    Fast and accurate. Solved my problem for today.

  279. Jade Dix

    Excellent support. Fast response.

  280. Layne Edwards

    I chose Career Academy as i want a short term online course. I can not think of any improvements really. Assignments were marked 1-2 days after submitting with some good and positive feedback from tutors. Thank you for all the positive and fast feedback.

  281. Chantel Maree

    I decided to go with The Career Academy because it was the best option for me.
    Thank you for a great course. I have learned alot and will definitely study again in the near future.

  282. Forrest-Beulah Norris

    The Career Academy offered a course most relevant to my career choice compared to other course providers. Not only do they offer a wide range of courses, they provide help when needed within a day of asking, as well as products to help with studying such as a laptop. I am very happy with my decision to study with The Career Academy. Some of the wording of tasks and questions within assessment could be editing to be more understandable, as they can be vague at times. In saying this, if i needed help on a vague question it was always available and my questions were always answered to my satisfaction.

  283. Kim Whyte

    I choose to study with the Career Academy due to its self paced, flexible style which i was able to fit around varying other responsibilities. This gave me peace of mind that if life became hectic I would still be able to put in my best effect within an achievable time frame. Having the option of the payment plan was another deciding factor for me. The only thing i would say is on a couple of the subjects of zero knowledge of, there wasn’t quite enough information to make an overall informed decision on the answer, however overall i thoroughly enjoyed completing this course. Many thanks for a fantastic and informative course. I have really enjoyed studying and learning with the Career Academy and thank all the tutors for their time, instant availability, knowledge, help and support for when I needed it 🙂

  284. Claire Cowie

    Works in well with a full time job, daughter and house to run. I really enjoyed my course and looked forward to carrying on my study with the career academy.

  285. Valenisia Manu

    Keep up what you guys are doing, helping out to everyone who really want their career. The reason why I chose to study with the career academy is because of the online courses I can study at my own pace and also I can work full time and still manage my studies. I would like to thank all my tutors for all your help and answering all my questions when I needed help. Its extremely helpful to get replies as soon as they got my messages. Thanks for all the good feedback about my assignments.

  286. Sharee Burgess

    I feel some of the instructions for the last few topics were slightly confusing and could have been explained better, but apart from that I really enjoyed the course. I choose Career academy because I needed to be able to work from home in my own time, plus the payment plan let me start my studies straight away. This course taught me alot and I really enjoyed it.

  287. Heidi Cartwright

    The academy certificate in business administration is an excellent course for providing the basics of Microsoft programmes, and potential knowledge needed in a business. Regardless of one’s potential position in the business world, I think it is essential that we know office health and safety basics, and communication skills are invaluable in the majority of differing walks of life. The certificate in business administration course has taught me many new skills, including managing payroll, methods of office organisation, the skills to effective communication and it has advanced my knowledge of excel. The career academy have a very helpful and friendly team of tutors, who are patient and easy to contact. I would highly recommend the career academy certificate in business administration course to anyone who needs the basic knowledge of business and workplace functions, and is most likely going to be taking up an office role in the future. This course is brilliantly concise for teaching the general basics which I believe will be valuable in the workplace and business world

  288. Britta Tiefenbacher

    I was looking for short online course, and thought I give it a try. It was my first experience with online learning, so I don’t know whats really realistic to expect. All in all it was a good experience. The content of each module could use a proof reading for grammar and spelling mistakes, especially module 1 and 2. One of the tutors could get in touch by email or phone before the student starts the first module or shortly after, just to create a kind of contact. more self test options, quizzes, multiple choice, etc would make it more interesting and more stimulating. There were no links provided for more information if one wishes to deepen the subject after the assessment. The module about accounting basics could provide more explanation about the terminology used in accounting. Only account payable and receivable were explained.

  289. Ryan Hong

    I thought studying with the career academy was useful for my future career. Indeed, it is significantly useful, particularly well organised course content and good rapport with tutors. Big thanks.

  290. Claire Cowie

    Works well with a full time job, daughter and house to run. I really enjoyed my course and looked forward to carrying on my study with the career academy

  291. Kyla Smith

    The content was well organised and easy to follow. The content was relevant and useful

  292. Rolanda Snyman

    I’m having great fun with these assignments and makes it all worth it receiving the great feedback. The best part of the course is the fast response from the tutors.

  293. Shanayah Millar

    Convenient to do while working Full-Time

  294. Zahna Woodfield

    Was easy and could be done in my own time.

  295. Heike Schoultz

    I’m really enjoying my course. I think maybe because I’ve been wanting to add new and additional information to my resume, but also gain knowledge in a different field. I’ve come to realize that I’m enjoying the professional business Ethics of the course…so maybe I’d qualify for gaining experience in becoming an office manager.
    I love the fact that my course is easy to understand and the best part, the are video clips, making things that are harder much easier…

    From my end…. Please don’t change anything… Your services are already great, the course information is easy to access and the assessments are easy to complete and forward through. The only thing is that the forwarding of the assessments is a little confusing, but will get there.

    If I carry on enjoying this course till the end, who knows, I might sign up for a furtherance to this Business subject.
    I’m really enjoying my course. Thank you so much!

  296. Sudhira Ramkissoon

    Good news, I’ve received confirmation yesterday that I’ve got the job. I look forward to completing my Diploma with the Academy and am always confident in the high quality of assistance that I receive. Thank you for your warm wishes. Please convey my appreciation to the team.

  297. Roz McDonald

    it suited my requirement to improve my knowledge for an office admn job

  298. Roz McDonald

    I wanted to upskill to change direction in my career and I could do this course in my time not a semester attending classes. Thank you for the prompt answers and support from tutors….wonderful people!

  299. Kaycie Kruger

    Good overall

  300. Tracey Haereroa

    My tutors assistance has been great. Many Thanks.

  301. Amy Leslie

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because it was online and i could work through it at my own pace. The staff were friendly and the course content was presented so that i could pass the assessments.

  302. Kayce Carter

    Currently doing business administration course. And i love it !!

  303. Karla Boeyen

    I have only just started but everything so far has been easy to understand and the online help is great. Looking forward to were this will take me

  304. Rachna Sethi

    Career Academy is a wonderful place to accomplish your dreams. It gives you confidence that whatever the age you are eligible to study. The team at Career Academy is very patient and friendly. They give you prompt reply and guide you in your short cater to your needs. I am still in the middle of my course but I am confident I will be able to complete it with flying colours. Thanks to the team of Career Academy for doing a wonderful job.

  305. Sharen Stevenson

    Was looking for a online correspondent course and found the perfect one i love being able to study in my own time with no pressure. very happy to be starting my course.

  306. Roz Mcdonald

    I recently started the Certificate in Business Administration as a way to upskill and perhaps create an opportunity for me to change jobs. I was quite apprehensive at first, infact I had looked online at The Career Academy courses for a while but this year I decided it was time for a change. So I took the plunge and I have been really impressed how interesting the course content is and also how easy and quickly it is to get tutor support if I want anything clarified. So thanks Career Academy for such professional courses and the fact that I have been able to achieve as much as I want to in the time I have available each week.

  307. Tatanja Janse van rensburg

    Absolutely nothing could be improved. the course was well informed and I had nothing to think about to improve on, on this course. I looked at The Career Academy webpage and it was very well full of information and they contacted me in a days time to confirm the course with me to start as soon as possible. It was great the response of Amy Wickliffe and Daniel Hunt gave me such assurance that I will enjoy this course and the communication via email was great and well informed. Thank you for all the lovely tutors they were amazing of helping me – this is such a awesome course I have enjoyed it and will definatly recommend this course to my friends.

  308. Karin Kirwan

    recommended by a friend. Excellent overall

  309. Erina Coker

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because I was bored and googled. seemed like it supported well

  310. Suk Yee Chow

    I can learn online and suit my time schedule.

  311. Stella Carruthers

    Flexible learning options and a good online interface

  312. Joanie Badenhorst-Awasthi

    I am so happy I found The Career Academy! I work an average of 60 hours a week and really needed something that is flexible, delivers quality content and fits my budget. Impossible demands? I thought so – until I found The Career Academy wesbsite.
    It is very user friendly, conveys the information in a structured manner and everything can be done on line; so burning the midnight oil is perfect for me. If I want human interaction my tutors are just a phone call away or I can have discussions with other students on the different forums.
    I like the dashboard which shows exactly what your progress is and what your goals are. Loading assessments could not be easier. If you can play Solitaire you can upload your assessments – it’s a simple drag-and-drop. I also love that there are some quizzes between the coursework just to make sure that you understand what you are learning.
    Definitely two thumbs up!

  313. Adelaide Burgess

    The payment plan was the biggest seller and then the easy enrollment. It was so much more easier than I thought it would be.

  314. Laura Petersen

    I decided to study with The Career Academy as there didn’t seem to be many other options around.

  315. Kelly Levick

    I have already done 3 courses with career academy and I’m halfway through my fourth. already considering a fifth course as I find them excellent. The tutors are easy to talk to, very helpful and the course work is easy to understand and you get your assessments back usually within 24-48 hours which I find great as I dont tend to forget what Ive done if I need to fix any assesment. I would recommend Career Academy to anyone who wants to get into this sort of area for work.

  316. Rachna Sethi

    Thank you so much for your encouragement. I am enjoying this course and finding it very interesting so I always try to do my assignments with sincerity and dedication. Thanks again for boosting my confidence.

  317. Nicola Dale

    Started my course today and am loving it. Organising my sign up was made very easy by the wonderful staff!! Assessment one nearly ready to send in, can’t wait to start on the next topic. Looking forward to completing this certificate then continuing on to do the diploma!!!

  318. Kelly Russell

    So far fantastic. Studying Certificate in Business Admin and Intro to Accounting. Big help to getting back into the job market

  319. Kerrie Van Woerden

    Good overall

  320. Kylie Bruce

    Excellent. Nothing could be improved. All resources etc was available at any time, easy to follow, and tutors just a phone call away. i enjoyed it. Good opportunity to expand knowledge ready for work force. met my requirements. Thank you!!!!

  321. Amber Stanners

    I decided to study with The Career Academy as it was part of my Career Advantage Program which we did at school and this coursed seemed to cover a variety of topics that would all be essential to a business admin position in the business world. Good course overall

  322. Karyl Bisset

    The course is good overall. I didn’t access help from the course tutors very much but when I did they were helpful and provided guidance. I found out about The career Academy as I receive a link to the study through a work email. the course covered what I wanted to learn and was accredited.

  323. Leanne Severin

    Excellent overall. I decided to study with The Career Academy because of flexibility – allowed me to up skill whilst still working full time. Thank you to the tutors for all their encouraging remarks on completed assignments.

  324. Beulah Stanners

    Excellent overall. I chose to study with The Career Academy because they were the providers of this course which is the one I wanted to do after doing some research ordinary courses. Overall, I think this course was excellent and it has increased my knowledge greatly in the area of Business Administration very much. Thank you.

  325. Genevieve Larsen

    My boss wanted me to do this course. The staff have been super friendly and helpful. Thanks!

  326. Mary Anne Shaaban

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because I found their staff very informant in answering my queries and the fact that in completing this course would be useful overseas. Excellent overall.

  327. Samantha Hillier

    Nothing could be improved. In my opinion, everything was set out set out perfectly. Easy to understand and follow. I choose to study through The Career Academy as I am a busy mum and it was easy for me to juggle work, being a mum and studying without it taking over my life 🙂

  328. Liz Dunlop

    Excellent. I personally feel nothing needs to be improved it was a well balanced and very organised course especially for someone like me with no experience of doing courses of this calliper. It was well documented and in plain English. The tutors were very reassuring and lovely to deal with and always took the time to make you feel confident in yourself. I decided to study with The Career Academy because it had a great range of courses, and having the opportunity to pay this monthly with interest free terms sold me. I have really enjoyed challenging myself and having the help just a phone call away was great.

  329. Beulah Stanners

    I chose to study with The Career Academy because they were the providers of this course which is the one I wanted to do after doing some research on tertiary courses. Excellent.

  330. Marie Mitchell

    The price was great & I could do the course at my own pace. And I could work on it from home.

  331. Taneesha Burgess

    I can’t think of anything that needs to be improved! The tutors were o helpful and quick to mark assessments and get back to me when i asked a question. Overall very happy with every aspect of this course. Studying online was the only option for me, im glad i found the Career Academy website.

  332. June Dalton

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because the content was interesting and relevant to my work. Excellent overall.

  333. Sowmya Karthigeyan

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because I was able to start as soon as. Excellent overall

  334. Tina Gardiner

    I was interested in an administration online study course to fit my needs, in terms of fitting into my schedule, the Career Academy provided this. Thank you. Nothing could be improved

  335. Simon Gill

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because you had the course I wanted to complete. Some explanations could be improved by good overall.

  336. Xaviera Mikkelson

    A friend in a business network group I belong to suggested it would be good to gain a qualification to complement my existing skills. It was a great starter course, no improvements needed. Very happy with the course. I will look at doing another one in 6-9 months 🙂

  337. Kristy Murray

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because there are no due dates it truly is study that fits around you. Awesome guys – best study experience ever!

  338. Heidi Cartwright

    Certificate in Business Administration offered a good ‘basics’ course for me, giving me the knowledge i would expect to need in any business situation, regardless of the area of business.

  339. Stacey Frizzell

    I did this course as part of a extra study course at school, and the one I chose happened to be The Career Academy. Thanks for providing such a great course!

  340. Joanna Turley

    I found the Microsoft courses very easy but this could be due to having used them a lot in the past. I was expecting to learn extra handy tips, especially for Excel, but did not really learn much that I could take away from this. The rest of the course was helpful tho. I wanted to learn the basics skills needed for business admin and this course suited my needs.

  341. Rochelle Faulkner

    As part of my schooling, we were required to take on a tertiary study and as this course was best suited to my field of work in the new year, i took it.!
    and i have really loved it.

  342. Emily Adamson

    it was convenient and i could do it in my own time. Nothing could be improved.

  343. Achsah Prestidge

    The course suited my needs for going into business next year and I felt that it would greatly help me to be a more knowledgeable employee. Good course and I recommend for all as it gives a great overview of administration side when running a business.

  344. Emily Adamson

    It was convenient and I could do in my own time.

  345. Pradeep Thapa

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because of its goodwill and employer recognition. Thank you very much. Good overall.

  346. Christiana Mavroudis

    I think the course was excellent because I’ve learnt a lot. Thank you so much for the support and guidance through the course, all the tutors have been very supportive, and also for the excellent feedback on every course.

  347. Candice Haultain

    Would give the course 5 for the tutors involved and the course content 3 overall (just had a few issues with the MYOB assessment as discussed). I have been a stay at home mum so this course has really helped me get up to speed to match the same level of my colleagues. It was great that I could access it online.

  348. Monique Macgregor

    I wanted a course i could do from home and this was the best option for me. The tutors are excellent and answered all my emails as fast as possible. Annedien was so helpful – Thank you.

  349. Aleshia McNicholl

    Seemed like a good option cause it meant i could study from home and it wouldn’t interfere with family time… i could study when i liked and it turned out you didn’t have to wait very long to get results from assignments which was wonderful! The tutors were all wonderful and helpful plus encouraging!

  350. Kathleen Sullivan

    Thank you for the opportunity to study this course. It has given me the confidence to pursue different job opportunities for the future.

  351. Monica Wills

    I just picked a course which would be most beneficial for my career and provide me with “transferrable skills”. -It just happened to be with career academy Good overall.

  352. Shontell Hageraats

    Help was available when I needed it and the tutor was knowledgeable. Excellent.

  353. Anita Tipene

    It’s good for beginners.

  354. Tessa Horler

    Excellent course. The tutors were very knowledgeable and the assessment instructions were clear and easy to follow.

  355. Te Paea Waipouri

    Help was available when I needed it and the assessments were clear and easy to follow. Excellent course.

  356. Carleigh Rogan

    Average overall. Just did the course to get an idea of administration.

  357. Shelly Pishief

    I decided to enrol with The Career Academy because this course offered exactly what I wanted to learn in one package. It has helped grow my confidence, especially as a mother returning to the workforce. Kirsten (tutor) – thanks for all your help and feedback – you are a gem.

  358. Nancy Jane

    I will recommend the courses at The Career Academy to others. I feel I have achieved a lot from this course. The course is excellent overall.

  359. Ilze Gricika

    I would not change anything. It was a really good course. I chose to study with The Career Academy as at that time the price for the course was acceptable for me.

  360. Susan Wardlaw

    I personally do not like learning in a classroom and prefer to study at my own pace – The Career Academy allows me to do this. Also the range of courses available offers almost everything that could be required, and surpasses most other online study options. I have fully enjoyed my time with The Career Academy, and found my tutor Tracey to be more than helpful. I would highly recommend this Academy to anyone. Thank you!

  361. Lisa Brady

    I enjoyed doing this course, i was not a fan of XERO but the rest of the course was great and was exactly what i was looking for.

  362. Linda Christine Stokes

    I liked the topics in the Business Admin course. Overall I really enjoyed this course. Some of the earlier topics I was very familiar with, but I really enjoyed the final three topics.

  363. Carlana O’Rourke-Paki

    Was easy to follow and if I did have further questions it was easy to get hold of my tutor!

  364. Tamara Scarlett

    I studied with The Career Academy as part of a program which I completed through school. I chose to use them as I liked the course content which they offered since it was a good outline of the basic information. Really great course overall! Good content on basic but necessary administrative tasks and programs. Would recommend to others

  365. Melissa Edge

    I found this course (Certificate in Business Administration) absolutely fantastic to get an understanding of what skills and knowledge was needed for admin type jobs from the basics of microsoft office all the way through to payroll and understanding how to use xero. The assessments and learning modules were all set out in an easy to read and understand way and the support from the tutors was amazing..very quick to answer any questions and help with parts I didnt understand. The course fit in perfectly around my 2 young children and I am looking forward to studying even more through the Career Academy!

  366. Kate Winikerei

    This was a great course with an excellent range of topics and I really enjoyed the practical side of it especially being able to use the pay roll and Xero system.

  367. Kelly Davis

    This course made learning an absolute pleasure!

    Diagnosed with ADHD in my childhood and again as an adult, High school and Tertiary education has always been a huge struggle for myself.
    But this course was nothing like what I had studied before. The lessons were full of knowledge and straight to the point, and when I didn’t want to read any more I have videos to watch which made learning easy and fun.
    At points when I struggled my tutor was fantastic and guided me through. I felt supported from beginning to end.
    And now I have a fantastic qualification to add to my CV.

    For anyone considering a career in Administration or just wanting to refresh their skills, I highly recommend this course.

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  • With an endorsed course on your CV, your career in administration will get the boost it needs!
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Potential career outcomes

  • Receptionist
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  • Personal or Executive Assistant

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  • Administrators who would like to gain a qualification
  • Jobseekers in the administrative field
  • Employers who wish to improve the efficiency of the workplace

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The Career Academy is a Xero Education partner with Xero learn

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A Comprehensive Sage One Payroll Course

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Assessment: 11 modules / 11 assignments


Duration: Study in your own time, at your own pace. Generally students complete one module per week, with each module taking around 10 hours.


Access Time: You will have access to this course for up to 6 months until you complete.


Qualification Information: On successful completion of this business training course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement from The Career Academy.

This course consists of eleven modules

ADMG154 – Effective Business Communication
ADMG128 – Office Organisation and Procedures
ADMG148 – Time Management, Ethics and Professionalism
CITG127 – Introduction to Microsoft Word
CITG138 – Using Microsoft Excel
CITG126 – Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint
ADMU127 – Workplace Health and Safety
ABKU214 – Employment Law & Introduction to Payroll
ADMG114 – Managing Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & Cash Management
ABKU217 – Accounting with SAGE
ABKU103 – Accounting with Xero

Accredited by ICOES

Accounts Payable and Receivable Training Online Accredited ICOES, the International Council for Online Educational Standards guarantees you a high standard of content with measurable outcomes from a reputable training organisation. ICOES is the accrediting body that establishes, monitors and continually develops the educational standards of online teaching.

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