Diploma in Business Administration

Take the next step towards a management role!

Whether you’re looking to hone your skills, or to progress to a more senior role, our accredited online course will teach you everything you need to know to advance your administration career.

This advanced course builds on the practical administration skills and knowledge obtained through the Certificate in Business Administration or Certificate in Reception & Office Support.  You’ll learn to plan and review administration systems, manage payroll services and handle meetings and conferences. Study online, from home or the office, at whatever time suits your schedule.

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63 reviews for Diploma in Business Administration

  1. Jo Moala

    Whatever your reasons are to up skill, then the Career Academy is the way to go – because of the benefits you get while studying.
    Most courses i have come across, University and/or AUT are not industry related and more theory driven, by the time you complete your studies, you’ve lost half the time trying to catchup with industry practices and processes. The courses are beneficial, if you apply yourself to your studies and do some proper research and not just accept what is put in front of you…and that is important too because this is where the discipline comes in, put in the time to do some good research, because your knowledge base expands exponentially. Not to mention the small interest free payments you can pay off each week towards your studies while you work and NO student loan – thank the Lord! I’ve enjoyed the course and happy i’ve completed it, i have gained the respect and confidence from my Executive team and work colleagues because of the qualification/knowledge i have now gained which helps me personally (in my wallet) and the ability to add value to my work and my organisation every day…did i mention NO student loan? Yay for me! I can get my weekends back. Yesssss!!

  2. Charlene Fox

    Some of the content in earlier topics/modules might need to be re-checked or proof read as there were some small spelling and grammatical errors that I feel could be corrected to improve the quality of content provided to students. I was referred by a family member and was interested in being able to do the course at my own pace. I really appreciate the positive and encouraging comments that all the tutors who marked my assignments provided at the end of each assessment. Thank you CA, I have definitely learned some new things and hope to be able to apply it in the not too distant future.

  3. Kyla Mackey

    I liked how I could study in my own time and pace. The courses were affordable also.

  4. Warren Mathews

    I chose the career academy because it is specialised in the field of administration and well recognised institution absolutely have enjoyed studyng with this institute, and the tutors have been extreamly helpful and fantastic at supporting and encouraging me through this course course meterial was very helpful and vedios provided were fantastic.
    would not change a thing.

  5. CJ Hemara

    I saw it online and wanted to further my skills.

  6. Alana Lundgre

    The price and free tablet. And that the course is recognised in New Zealand There are many grammar and spelling errors. Two of the assignments were identical for the certificate and diploma for business administration. The diploma should be a bit more challenging in that regard. I enjoyed the course a lot, more than I expected to.

  7. Leigh Eastwood

    I chose to study with the career academy Payment plan was great, and your courses offered everything I wanted to learn. Thank you Career Academy and all the wonderful tutors, you are all awesome

  8. Anita Moore

    I have heard only good things about these course.

  9. Monica Hura

    I was searching for a online course and the careers academys pathway programme stood out the most to me No areas needed to be improved. I think the most important tool for studying is having tutors available when and if needed and the tutors were.

  10. Natasha Louise Gill

    Flexibility – being able to complete courses when you want

  11. Alexandra Mostyn

    I am a single mother to a 4 year old i dont have time to travel to a crowded classroom far away when i can learn from the comfort and convenience of my home. The course was well priced and well set out and covered a lot.The visual youtube videos were helpful too. A printed booklet of the entire course would be a nice touch to send to each student as i had printer issues and lack of funds to buy ink during my course and i had to hand write a lot which was very time consuming. I was blown away at how easy it was to follow the online course and complete assessments. I found at times a slight delay in receiving graded work in order to start the next phase i was under the impression i had to pass my graded topic first but later found out i could start the next topic regardless although at times i found this impossible to do. I also found working on a macbook air made things more difficult in the excel assessments and perhaps info on what to do or allow for if using an apple mac air book would be helpful.
    Overall the course was very well explained and set out and my tutors were all on hand for any queries and gave great feedback and i have to say on one occasion i was asked to use my own words in answering a question and had come across slightly plagiarising the text i had read from, the thing is the words used in the text are words i would use in everyday language so i re wrote the answers and i embraced this critique as it made me work that much bit harder and i enjoyed that.
    I added a Xero certificate to my diploma and would like to know when i can start this
    and i look forward to receiving my certificate in due course.

  12. Charlene Fox

    Most of my time goes to the readings because I take extensive notes and the work I’ve turned in so far have been returned with great feedback on them. Everything is easy enough I just have to make the time for it!

  13. Laura Loeper

    I chose to study with the career academy because convenience and flexibility most of all.

  14. Lorraine Sutton

    I chose the career academy because this course was offered online – It would be good to be able to get hard copies of the training material. As I like to be able to highlight things I want to look back on.

  15. Rebecca Loza

    Great value – affordable and easy to follow

  16. Alyssa King

    So far they have been very helpful when I have needed anything and the course is very informative.

  17. Helen Hughes

    I feel I need to have a certificate to assist in securing a job. Jess suggested I might enjoy the Diploma as it has a significant amount of study on Project Management. I did enjoy that aspect of it. Hi, yes the course was 4 but as the course description suggested 300 hours study I was expecting a lot more, likely practical application. I found each section/assignment took a couple of hours each to complete the reading & assessment. This was disappointing. I completed the course within a calendar month while doing a part time job, normal amounts of exercise & other voluntary activities I perform for two groups. I suggest I likely did 60 – 70hours of study rather than 300 hours.
    The impression the hours to be spent impacted on how I felt about the course fee.
    I considered it would be value for money if I would be studying for 4 or 5 months. I was quite looking forward to it.
    Now the value will be related to whether I am able to secure a job.

  18. Atarangi  Nerehona

    I think its a good way for someone to study and focus on the study in your own time. Thumbs up!

  19. Caitlin Adams

    I liked that the course was all online and it was easy to navigate.

  20. Lesann Appleby

    It was helpful being a full-time employee and mother to be able to study at home and online. The tutor comments and feedback were greatly appreciated, thank you!

  21. Mikaera  Cooper

    I am 1/4 through the course and so far I’m really liking it, I have learnt a few tricks and tips since starting. The feedback I get from the tutors are awesome! Even when I have not completed and assignment properly, they’re are very encouraging and positive about it. All in all excellent course and excellent tutors. I’m very happy to be studying with Career Academy.

  22. Valerie Leech

    I chose to study with The Career Academy to improve my employment opportunities. This was a great course!

  23. Helen Moeau

    My experience studying with the Career Academy has been excellent after completing my Certificate in Business Administration I decided to achieve higher and enroll in the Diploma in Business Administration and this course also has been great ( Still completing). What I like about these courses I can study at my own pace and in my own comfort zones. It is also affordable by using the plan payments and help is always available when needed by the awesome team. I definitely recommend any course with The Career Academy.

  24. Aquarius Macpherson

    It was pretty easy, just moved so I haven’t had the time to study in a while.

  25. Tracey James

    I chose to study with the Career Academy because I wanted to study at home, without a student loan. I am really glad I chose this course. I really loved all the MYOB, Excel and Outlook information in the course. There isn’t anything I would improve.

  26. Kim Whyte

    I completed the certificate course first before moving on to the diploma. This is a great course. The content is easy to follow and very clear. The tutors have been fantastic for both courses.

  27. Lesa Laga

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

    Thank you 🙂

  28. Louise Edwards

    I thought it was good and didn’t need improvement. Career Academy offered a course I wanted to do with Flexi payment options. The advisor I spoke to listened to what I am currently doing and offered suitable suggestions for my line of work.

  29. Maraea Rawiri

    Really great so far – I’ve referred two other people to courses with the Career Academy!

  30. Georgia Richards

    So far it’s been pretty great. It has everything I need to know and is a good resource. The tutors have been excellent in getting back to me with feedback.

  31. Rachael Watts

    Excellent course overall. It suited my needs and was within my budget.

  32. Laura Page

    The first lot of modules were very helpful. Chose to study with Career Academy as it’s easy to do from home or at work.

  33. V L

    I’m just really stuck at the moment, I need to work through unit 3 and resubmit something. The tutors are fast when replying to me and I’ve received good responses from them.

  34. Lesa Laga

    Excellent course. I haven’t needed to use the tutors much yet as I prefer to work through the course on my own as much as possible, but they’ve been giving awesome feedback on my assignments, which I’m really grateful for.

  35. Melani Kleynhans

    I like what I’ve done so far. The course is quite good and the tutors are really helpful.

  36. Maree Horne

    This diploma course is excellent. It can be a bit challenging but I’m confident with my ability. Really quite an awesome course!

  37. Debbie Fletcher

    Really good! Enjoying it so far – the modules are quite good and the course is nice and easy.

  38. Tirene Tumusa

    It was very suitable with working around work and my family. I would like to give my biggest thanks to the lovely tutors for their wonderful help and comments.

  39. Alessandra Cadness

    I had a query and emailed the tutors, they responded the same day that I emailed them which is really great. Everything so far is pretty straightforward and no difficulties as of yet.

  40. Laura Page

    Enjoying the course and have learnt some new tricks in Microsoft excel which have come in useful in my job! The tutors give good feedback. Thank you!

  41. Teri Reti

    This is the second course I’m taking with the Career Academy. It’s a lot more challenging than the first course but I’m excited to work my way through it. The tutors have been really great at getting back to me and at providing feedback to help me address any questions I have. It’s hard, but worth it, because it is going to be super rewarding to complete this course. I generally learn better in an in-class setting, but this course is laid out really well so I’m actually learning a lot.

  42. Andrea King

    Reasonably priced and easy to pay… lots of different courses to take

  43. Cynthia Green

    Excellent help, I appreciate your help

  44. Andrea King

    I think the tutors give really positive feedback when i hand in my assignment which encourages me to want to do more …

  45. Tirene Tumusa

    I found this course to be quite good. I got some nice help from the tutors when I needed it, and they gave good feedback on the assignments.

  46. Umusa Stallard

    The response was fast and efficient.

  47. Crystal Tahana

    I have experience in this area so found the first few modules quite easy. After that they do get more challenging. Great course.

  48. Nicola Dale

    Great course with great information. Any of the tutors/staff I have had contact with have exceeded my expectations for customer service. I have already recommended the cert in business admin to two of my fellow workmates and they are loving it also. I was attracted to the Career Academy because of the ease of access, being able to do courses online made it quicker and easier for me to complete so promptly. The only thing I could recommend is perhaps having printer friendly versions of the pages/modules as I find it easier to write my notes directly on the pages. Also makes it easier to refer to your notes in real life situations so that you can implement the learnings in real life situations with ease.

  49. Kate Ward-Smith

    This course met my expectations. I found it easy to follow, relevant and useful.

  50. Diane Pomana

    I liked being able to do the course at my own pace online and receiving feedback from the tutors was great.

  51. Crystal Tahana

    I have experience in this area so found the first few modules quite easy. After that they do get more challenging. Great course.

  52. Louise Edwards

    Really good course. The responses from the tutors were great and very prompt, and the course was quick to complete and quite informative.

  53. Racheal Watts

    Everything has been in an easy to follow format. The tutors have given prompt and valuable feedback

  54. Kylie Anderson

    This course is pretty good actually, I like it a lot. The content is reasonable; everything I need is already there so I don’t really need to go looking for anything. Having multiple tutors is helpful. It can also result in miscommunication in terms of grading assessments, but overall it’s been fine.

  55. Miriama Tungia

    thank you I really appreciate the help

  56. RMcDonald

    I have found that sometimes reading your replies and then backing it up with an answer from Microsoft helps me understand if I am find it really tricky.

  57. Roz

    Thank you very much for such prompt replies and help. I am really enjoying this course.

  58. Konny Shim

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because I wanted to upskill myself in order to improve my chances of getting a job

  59. Gaylene Hopkins

    Being able to do the course online is a big help. The tutors were available whenever I needed to contact them.

  60. Eva Vives

    I have just started my Diploma on Business Administration today. So far I have found it excellent, very easy to navigate. The contents are very well explained and to the point, so it keeps you engaged. I will give an update once I have completed the course, but so far I am enthusiastic !

  61. Kaela Ivory-Taranaki

    I decided to study with The Career Academy because it was really flexible and I could fit it around my life and children. Thanks for giving me the ability to be able to study from home!
    Awesome courses and tutors.

  62. Brenda Harris

    I thought the course was very well set out, I am surprised i was able to finish it in only 10 days 🙂 I was looking for professional development for my office team and this was able to provide something for all 3 of us.

  63. Andrea Sanchez

    The course is good, I enjoy working through it at my own pace in terms of completing the assessments. The assessments I’ve completed have been very good. I’ve had good experiences with the tutors and with the course overall.

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Course summary

Investment: £995 + VAT or only £25 per week with our interest free payment plan. Click here to enrol now


Assessments: Case studies, quizzes, written assessments and practical exercises.


Duration: 300 hours. ideally studying 10 hours per week over 30 weeks.


Access Time: You will have access to this course for up to 12 months before you complete.


Prerequisites: Some administration experience.


Qualification: On successful completion of this business training course, you will be awarded a certificate of achievement.

Covering five modules

Diploma in Business Administration

ADMG154 – Effective Business Communication
ADMG160 – Office Ergonomics & Data Entry
CITG127 – Introduction to Microsoft Word
ADMG159 – Creating Documents
MGTG105 – Communication Skills


Customer Relations

ADMG164 – Customer Service Strategies
ADMG107 – Customer Relationship Management
ADMG108 – Customer Service Skills


Workplace Practices

ADMG188 – Organise Schedules & Meetings
ADMG148 – Time Management, Ethics and Professionalism
ADMU127 – Workplace Health and Safety


Financial Data

ABKU202 – Accounting and Bookkeeping Fundamentals
ABKU152 – General Journal
ABKU153 – General Ledgers & the Trial Balance
ADMG114 – Managing Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & Cash Management
ABKU103 – Accounting with Xero
ABKU217 – Accounting with Sage and Quickbooks


Project Management

MGTG119 – Introduction to Project Management
MGTG109 – Establishing Timelines and Milestones
MGTG138 – Project Implementation, Completion and Evaluation
CITG138 – Using Microsoft Excel

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