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AAT Accounting Technician Pathway for Bookkeepers

Gain a recognised bookkeeping qualification and gain membership to the Association of Accounting Technicians!

Fast track your bookkeeping career with The Career Academy. This Program is unique to The Career Academy and specifically designed for those looking to kickstart their bookkeeping career or formalise an existing set of skills. AAT is the world’s leading professional body for accounting technicians, with over 140,000 members.

Your membership gives your clients the confidence that you meet AAT’s renowned international standards.

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Key Benefits

  • Fast track your bookkeeping career, increase your earning potential and get ahead with an Approved Training Provider


  • Become a bookkeeper and member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)


  • Gain this qualification for your CV and stand out from the crowd


  • Gain AAT Professional Membership – once you successfully complete this qualification and meet the AAT membership criteria, you can apply for AAT full membership and achieve professional MAAT status.

Course Summary

Assessments: Includes case studies, quizzes and written assessments.


Delivery and support: Online with tutor support via email or phone.


Duration: Approximately 400 hours.  Learn at your own pace, but ideally complete one module per week.


Access Time: You will have access to this course for up to 18 months until you complete.

Course pricing:


or from £25 a week on an interest free payment plan

Certificate in Bookkeeping

Take the first step with our Certificate in Bookkeeping. Learn to balance the books with our accredited course. You’ll be able to prepare GST returns, and keep business accounts. Learn to analyse and interpret a profit and loss statement and balance sheet.

AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

Step three is completing the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting. This compressive qualification covers higher accounting tasks, including drafting financial statements, managing budgets and evaluation of financial performance. This comprehensive course builds on the practical accounting skills and knowledge obtained through the Certificate in Accounting. It will further enhance your accounting skills, enabling you to pursue a career in accounting, finance or business.

*To be eligible to pursue the AAT Professional Membership you are required to complete the AAT Student Membership within two weeks of starting this program, followed by six AAT Exam Assessments. By completing the assessments within this course, you qualify for an exemption from three of these exams and you must complete the other three exams on-site at one of the AAT Approved facilities to gain AAT Professional Membership. You must successfully complete the assessments in this course, plus the three AAT exams to be awarded the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting.

Accredited by ICOES

ICOES, the International Council for Online Educational Standards guarantees you a high standard of content with measurable outcomes from a reputable training organisation. ICOES is the accrediting body that establishes, monitors and continually develops the educational standards of online teaching institutions.

What our students say about this course

Certificate in Bookkeeping

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping Fundamentals
  2. General Journal
  3. General Ledgers & the Trail Balance
  4. Depreciation
  5. Accurals and Prepayments
  6. Financials Statements
  7. Understanding VAT
  8. Fundamentals of Income Tax
  9. Accounting with Sage and QuickBooks
  10. Budgeting, Forecasting and Cashflow Management
  11. Financial Statement Analysis
  12. Accounting using Microsoft Excel

AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

Comprises the following modules:

ABKU341 – Accounting & Business Prior Knowledge Quiz


Accounting with Excel

CITG137 – Accounting using Microsoft Excel


Accounting Principles

ABKU203 – Accounting and Business

ABKU143 – Determining Profit

ABKU126 – Issues in Income Determination & Asset Valuation


Advanced Accounting Principles

ABKU124 – Tracking Cash & Controlling Assets

ABKU149 – Internal Decision Making

ABKU109 – Analysing Financial Reports

ABKU224 – Financial Reporting Framework


Management Accounting

ABKU137 – Cost Classification

ABKU138 – Costing Methods

ABKU303 – Product & Process Costing

ABKU305 – Standard Costs & Variance Analysis


Advanced Management Accounting

ABKU304 – Activity Based Costing

ABKU121 – Budgeting & CVP Analysis

ABKU167 – Performance Management & Measurement

ABKU306 – Inventory Management & Planning

ABKG176 – Management Accounting: Budgeting

ABKG180 – Management Accounting: Decision and Control



ABKU151 – Fundamentals of Income Tax

ABKU133 – Understanding VAT

ABKU218 – Depreciation


Accounting Practices

ABKU154 – SPFR Framework For For-Profit Entities Part 1

ABKU173 – SPFR Framework For For-Profit Entities Part 2

ABKU112 – SPFR Framework For For-Profit Entities Part 3

ABKU110 – Verification, Completeness & Justification

ABKG181 – Financial Statements of Limited Companies

ABKG184 – Accounting Systems & Controls



ABKG187 – External Auditing

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