PSCU1012 – Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (mental disorders)

Develop awareness of a range of common psychological disorders

Understand psychological ailments, Aetiology, symptoms, prognosis, and possible treatment options. Whilst the course largely mirrors classifications systems used in the DSM and ICD, the student is also encouraged to consider issues such as how do we define normality and abnormality, and when is an individual’s behaviour within the bounds of what is regarded as “normal” in society – and when is it “abnormal”.

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11 reviews for PSCU1012 – Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (mental disorders)

  1. Nicola Marshall

    I found the whole course so interesting. the feedback I was getting from the tutors throughout the course was so encouraging and knowledgeable it kept me focused and wanting to progress with each module. The hard copy course material I purchased was really helpful but I noticed there were a lot of spelling mistakes. spell check wouldn’t of picked up on it, as an incorrect word was used and spelled correctly but made the sentence not make sense.
    This happened quite a few times as I worked through each module.

  2. Judy Norris

    In my opinion as an older student, I have found studying on line with The Career Academy has been awesome and I will be certainly doing further study with you. Thank you so much.

  3. Lynda Graham

    Absolutely loved this course. I especially enjoyed the research. The more I researched, the more I learned, & the more fascinated with human behaviours I became. I particularly enjoyed learning about genetics & how chemical imbalances affect brain function. The positive feedback from tutors meant a lot to me, as I was pretty much told I was a dummy in school. I had a hard time concentrating in school because I was easily distracted due to my dyspraxia, so online study has been perfect for me. I never knew I was capable of doing anything like this, & would like to thank the career academy for making this possible. I don’t think I would change anything ( except to fix the numerous “typo’s” throughout the textbook) I think it is exactly right for a foundation cert level. If it weren’t for the fact that I was able to pay by weekly installment, I could never have done this course. So I’m very grateful for that. Thankyou Career Academy & thanks to the excellent tutors!!

  4. Ashleigh Short

    It was online and working nights this was a must

  5. Lynaire Hartley

    The course content met every expectation and was enjoyable to do. The tutors comments were uplifting and they were great to deal with. My overall experience has been a smooth sailing and I have gained a great deal of knowledge

  6. Lynaire Hartley

    It is difficult for me to go into Massey University at this time, and the Career Academy was very simple to join. What would of been slightly better for me, is for help with questions that I needed to re -submit (did eventually figure it out on my own). However in saying that I could not read further feed back in the margins as I am using word pad. I am currently getting Microsoft word sorted on my computer as it will not work. I have made this clear to tutors. Love the Career Academy and I am grateful for getting this opportunity to study in such an easier way.

  7. Judy Norris

    I have always had quick feedback and responses from the Tutors

  8. Jaimee Lee Baltus

    It seemed like a great way of learning what i wanted and continuing my daily life. Nothing really, i learnt what i wanted and the content was great. i would suggest one more thing is, longer assessments, and more essay works. Thank you for the course.

  9. Jaimee Lee Baltus

    It seemed like a great way of learning what i wanted and continuing my daily life. Nothing really, i learnt what i wanted and the content was great. i would suggest one more thing is, longer assessments, and more essay works. Thank you for the course.

  10. Denise Bell

    Have just begun the course but the material looks excellent and the contact I have had with the academy has been great so far

  11. Lynn Meredith

    I particularly wanted to do a course on the internet and thought this was a good one to do. Thank you to Maya Light for all her prompt responses and also for making my work so quickly

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Key benefits

  • Gain a Certificate in Abnormal Psychology
  • Receive unlimited one-on-one tutor support
  • Complete online in your own time, at your own pace

This course is for

  • Anybody wanting to expand their current understanding of psychology.
  • Those looking to increase their knowledge of complex psychological issues.
  • People looking to take a career step in the mental care industry.

What our students say

★★★★★ “This course is excellent overall. Help was available when I needed it and the tutor was knowledgeable.”
Jodie Burton

Course Summary

Investment: £399 + VAT or only £25 per week with our interest free payment plan. Click here to enrol now


Assessments: Includes case studies, quizzes and written assessments.


Delivery and support: Online with expert tutor support via email or phone.


Duration: 100 hours. Learn at your own pace but ideally complete in 10 weeks.


About the developers: This course has been developed by highly qualified psychologists with many years working experience dealing with abnormal psychology.

This course covers eleven modules

PSCG125 – Disorders Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence
PSCG120 – Delirium, Dementia, Amnestic & Cognitive Disorders
PSCG206 – Addiction Support – Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse
PSCG194 – Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders
PSCG121 – Depression and Related Conditions
PSCG103 – Anxiety Disorders
PSCG203 – Somatoform, Factitious & Dissociative Disorders
PSCG196 – Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
PSCG126 – Eating and Sleep Disorders
PSCG143 – Impulse-Control Disorders & Adjustment Disorder
PSCG176 – Personality Disorders

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